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9 min. 53 sec.
“On the motives of the American writer Doctor Sjus’s fairy-tale about kind elk who allowed settling on his horns. Grand Prix, Ottawa, Canada;  Los-Angeles, USA<;br>nearly to all foresters”
directed byAlexei Karaev
written byYoury Koval
art directorAlexander Petrov
artistAndrey Zolotukhin
cameramenNikolai Gribkov, Sergei Reshetnikov
executive producerValentina Khizhnyakova
musicA. Nimensky
soundVyacheslav Belov
script editor Urlinkova
voice artistsYoury Volyntsev, Alexei Borzunov, Yevgeny Leonov, Ludmila Gnilova, Anatoly Barantsev, Clara Rumyanova
cutterL. Permyakova

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