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9 min. 53 sec.
 It is a modern comedy fairy tale consisting of three comic and instructive short stories, united with one character - the Bear. Heroes of the first short story – the beaver who dreams to fly like a bird. The second story is about the duck.
directed byVassily Kafanov, Alexei Shelmanov, Alexei Turkus
written byAlexei Shelmanov, Vassily Kafanov, Alexei Turkus
art directorsElena Bogolubova, Olga Bogolubova
artistsK. Yerosheva, F. Oleinikov, S. Mashkova, Victor Chuguevsky, Ye. Issaikina, Anna Atamanova
animatorsAlexander Panov, Andrey Ignatenko, Alexander Dorogov, Andrey Smirnov, Alexander Gorlenko, Tonno Sooster
cameramanAlexander Chekhovsky
executive producerO. Khruleva
soundBoris Filchikov
script editorsRaisa Frichinskaya, Elena Nikitkina
voice artistO. Sevastyanov

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