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19 min. 12 sec.
 On Andersens fairy tale. <;br> the first British ICF in London (Festival of festivals), 1957 - the Diploma The film is out on the same fairy tale of G. H. Andersen. The film tells us about the duckling who was born unsightly and not similar to the other inhabitants of a poultry yard. Poor duckling is exposed to sneers and undeserved mockeries. Everything changes with approach of the spring.
directed byVladimir Degtyarev
written byGeorge Berezko
art directorsB. Petin, V. Ignatov
artistsI. Prokofyeva, Ye. Tannenberg, D. Anpilov, I. Troyanova
animatorsM. Kuprach, V. Dolgikh, Nikolai Fedorov, S. Stepanov, Victor Likhachev, Igor Podgorsky, Elizabeth Komova
cameramanNikolai Vohinov
musicEduard Kolmanovsky
soundGeorge Martynuk

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