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9 min. 24 sec.
 Children cheerfully play in the park. Only one little girl Jula-kaprizul is bored. She starts to cry. Plentiful tears threaten to flood all around. The flood of tears does not weaken. Jula begins to sink, but brave children rescue her.
directed byVsevolod Shcherbakov
written byG. Koltunov
art directorsVsevolod Shcherbakov, V. Grokhotov
animatorsA. Bart, L. Volkova, Lev Zhdanov, N. Yants, Kirill Malyantovich, A. Sirotkina, K. Nikiforov
cameramanJoseph Golomb
executive producerV. Burlakov
musicYu. Nikolsky
soundGeorge Martynuk
puppets and decorRoman Gurov
cutterV. Yegorova
words (poems)Jacob Ziskind

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