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31 min. 37 sec.
 "The film is put on the motives of the Indian fairy tales. Orchestra of the Ministry of Culture of  USSR, the conductor G.Gamburg. <;br> VII ICF in Cannes, 1955 - the honourable diploma for high art qualities; ICF in Durban (republic of South Africa), 1955 - the Diploma; the First British ICF in London, (Festival of festivals) 1957  - the Diploma; IF short length films in Belgrade, 1955 - the Diploma" It is a screen version of an Indian national fairy tale. Malicious and greedy rajah wishes to get a wonderful antelope who strikes gold coins by hoofs. The country boy rescues an antelope, but rajah, threatening the boy, compels the antelope to serve him but he is severely punished for it.
directed byLev Atamanov
written byNikolai Abramov
art directorsLeonid Shvartsman, Alexander Vinokurov
artistsOlga Ghemmerling, Irina Svetlitsa, Dmitry Anpilov, K. Malyshev
animatorsBoris Chani, Konstantin Chikin, Vladimir Arbekov, Renata Mirenkova, Vyacheslav Kotenochkin, Roman Davydov, Vassily Ryabchikov, Roman Kachanov, Nikolai Fedorov
cameramanMichael Druyan
musicVladimir Yourovsky
soundNikolai Prilutsky
voice artistsRuben Simonov, A. Gruzinsky, Nina Nikitina, Valentina Sperantova, Kolya Tagunov
cutterLidia Kyaksht

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