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39 min.
 On the motives of Russian fairy tale. <;br>I ICF in Mar-del-Plata (Argentina), 1960 – the prize “Silver Oak Leaf”. Vassilisa the Beauty who was kidnapped by Koshey Immortal and who was turned into an ugly frog Ivan Tsarevish finds. He marries her. He suffers because of boyar’s gibes. But soon Vassilisa made a wonderful carpet.
directed byMichael Tsekhanovsky
written byMichael Volpin
art directorsAlexander Beliakov, Lev Milchin
artistsIrina Troyanova, Vera Valerianova, Petr Korobayev
animatorsNikolai Fedorov, Vadim Dolgikh, Vladimir Danilevich, K. Malyshev, Victor Likhachev, Fedor Khitruk, Boris Chani, Boris Meyerovich, Tatiana Taranovich, Roman Kachanov
cameramanA. Astafyev
musicYoury Levitin
soundGeorge Martynuk
voice artistsVladimir Gribkov, A. Rumnev, Margarita Kupriyanova, Boris Chirkov, A. Verbitsky, George Millyar, Alexei Gribov
cutterLidia Kyaksht

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