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10 min. 42 sec.
 ICF at the Exhibition "We shall protect the person on transport", Belgrad 1959 - the Medal in a category of films for children. Two toy-hares, quiet and wise Zai and playful, disobedient Chik, make travel through all doll city to take part in a doll concert. Along the way a lot of troubles happened to Chik.
directed byAlexander Ivanov
directed byIvan Aksenchuk
written byVladimir Suteyev, A. Tarassov
art directorIgor Znamensky
artistsElena Tannenberg, K. Malyshev, Vladimir Suteyev, Olga Ghemmerling, Dmitry Anpilov
animatorsElizabeth Komova, Faina Yepifanova, Tatiana Fedorova, Tatiana Taranovich, L. Popov, Lidia Reztsova, Renata Mirenkova, S. Stepanov, Boris Dezhkin
cameramenEkaterina Rizo, Elena Petrova
musicAnatoly Lepin
soundGeorge Martynuk
cutterA. Firsova
words (poems)Lev Pozdneyev

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