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10 min. 48 sec.
 On the motives of national Evenki fairy tale. Two ingenuous taiga muddlers were going to move to new places. The Fox pretended that to be their friend and seized their boat with belongings. The clever and noble Woodpecker gains those muddlers who got in a trouble. The Fox hardly escapes.
directed byOlga Khodataeva
directed byYevgeny Raikovsky
written byOleg Leonidov
art directorPetr Nossov
artistsG. Nevzorova, D. Anpilov, Ye. Tannenberg, O. Ghemmerling, K. Malyshev
animatorsLidia Reztsova, Igor Podgorsky, Renata Mirenkova, Youry Prytkov, Elizabeth Komova, Vladimir Arbekov, Faina Yepifanova
cameramanElena Petrova
musicV. Oransky
soundBoris Filchikov
cutterV. Yegorova
words (poems)Lev Pozdneyev, Natalia Konchalovskaya

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