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20 min. 46 sec.
 Parody to some Soviet detective films. The head of the foreign investigation by means of spies, tries to receive a new Soviet dental surgery armchair. The Soviet scouts break these plans.
directed byYefim Gamburg
written byLazar Lagin
art directorNathan Lerner
animatorsDmitry Anpilov, Youry Butyrin, Antonina Alyoshina, Elvira Maslova, Tatiana Pomerantseva, Ivan Davydov, Renata Mirenkova, Joseph Kuroyan, Olga Orlova, Natalia Bogomolova
cameramanMichael Druyan
executive producerFedor Ivanov
soundGeorge Martynuk
script editorRaisa Frichinskaya
cuttersI. Gerassimova, Nina Mayorova

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