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10 min. 18 sec.
The Little girl dreams of a dog. But dry prudish mum is categorically against animals. In the yard all children walk with dogs. And the girl walks her mitten on lead. Unexpectedly her mitten turns into a knitted puppy.
III VCF, Leningrad 1968, - the First premium in the section of cartoon films.
VII IF animation films, Annecy (France) 1967 - the First premium for the best childrens film.
V ICF, Moscow 1967, - the Silver medal in competition of childrens films.
X IF films for children and youth, Gijon (Spain) 1968 - Grand prix " The Golden plate"; a prize of Gijon for high quality of animation.
directed byRoman Kachanov
written byJeanna Vitenzon
art directorLeonid Shvartsman
animatorsYoury Norstein, Joseph Douksha, Vyacheslav Shilobreyev, Maya Buzinova
cameramanJoseph Golomb
executive producerNathan Bitman
musicV. Gamalia
soundGeorge Martynuk
script editorNatalia Abramova
puppets and decorS. Etlis, Oleg Massainov, V. Kalashnikova, Marina Chesnokova, G. Lutinsky, Alexander Maximov, V. Kuranov, Valery Petrov, Roman Gurov, Galina Gettinger, Pavel Gussev
cutterVera Gokke

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