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9 min. 12 sec.
 Plain Crocodile and beauty Cow liked the same - they loved flowers and leaves. And consequently they fell in love with each other. But in autumn flowers fades, leaves fell down, and Crocodile who wants to keep his beloved, himself turned into an evergreen leaf. For adults.
directed byVadim Kurchevsky
written byHenry Sapgir, Gennady Tsyferov
art directorAlina Speshneva
animatorsYoury Norstein, M. Portnaya, Youry Klepatsky
cameramanJoseph Golomb
musicNikita Bogoslovsky
soundBoris Filchikov
script editorArcady Snessarev
puppets and decorMarina Chesnokova, Liliana Lutinskaya, V. Kalashnikova, Vladimir Abbakumov, Roman Gurov, Ye. Darikovich, Pavel Gussev
voice artistL. Lubetsky

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