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20 min. 57 sec.
 "The hockey match between jumped-up "masters" and an amicable command of beginners comes to the end, certainly, with a victory of modest and self-denying small hockey players. On the technical and rhythmic perfection this film is the creation of one of the best of native animation "Disney" schools. <;br> II ICF, Kiev, 1966 - the Second premium in the category of animated films; I ICF sports films in Moscow, 1966 - the Gold medal and the diploma for the best animated film on a sports theme; XXIII IF of sports films in Cortina DAmpezzo (Italy), 1967 - the Cup of Association of film-industrialists of Italy".
directed byBoris Dezhkin
written bySakko Runge, Alexander Kumma, Boris Dezhkin
art directorsBoris Dezhkin, Svetozar Russakov
animatorsAnatoly Solin, Sergei Dezhkin, Boris Dezhkin, Victor Arsentiev, Vadim Dolgikh, Vladimir Karp
cameramanElena Petrova
musicAlexander Varlamov
soundBoris Filchikov
cutterNina Mayorova

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