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19 min. 24 sec.
 Wide-screen auto remake of film "Mail" 1929. The Screen version of the poem of S.Marshak. The boy writes the letter to Boris Zhitkov. Zhitkov travels all around the world and the letter follows him: from Leningrad to Berlin, from Berlin to London, from London to Brazil and back to Leningrad where the addressee received it.
directed byMichael Tsekhanovsky, Vera Tsekhanovskaya
written bySamuil Marshak, Vera Tsekhanovskaya, Michael Tsekhanovsky
art directorsBoris Korneyev, Michael Tsekhanovsky
animatorsVladimir Balashov, Valentin Kushnerev, N. Avstryiskaya, Victor Shevkov, Alexander Davydov, Elena Khludova, V. Maximovich, Tatiana Taranovich
cameramanElena Petrova
musicV. Deshevov
soundBoris Filchikov
voice artistsClara Rumyanova, M. Shchukin, Maria Vinogradova, Erast Garin
cutterV. Turubiner

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