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16 min. 12 sec.
 The film is put on S.Marshaks poem. The American millionaire Twister goes as a tourist to Leningrad, but he refuses to stay in the hotel where Negroes live. Door-keepers of the Leningrad hotels arrange to teach this chauvinist a good lesson.
directed byAnatoly Karanovich
written bySamuil Marshak
art directorYevgeny Shukaev
artistValentina Vassilenko
animatorsYoury Klepatsky, M. Portnaya, Gennady Sokolsky, Youry Norstein
cameramanMichael Kamenetsky
musicMichael Ziv
soundBoris Filchikov
puppets and decorPavel Lessin, F. Oleinikov, Valery Petrov, Roman Gurov, Vladimir Alisov, S. Etlis, Oleg Massainov
cutterLidia Kyaksht

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