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7 min. 54 sec.
 How planes, satellites and other break rest of Heavens. In a cheerful, comedy form it is shown how religious representations about existence of the god are finally discredited at a backward part of people because of the development of aircraft and successes in a gain of space.
directed byYoury Prytkov, Vitold Bordzilovsky
written byYevgeny Agranovich
art directorsVitold Bordzilovsky, Youry Prytkov
artistV. Valerianova
animatorsVladimir Balashov, Vladimir Zarubin, Antonina Korovina, Alexander Davydov, Natalia Bogomolova, Boris Chani, Anatoly Abarenov, O. Stolbova, Youry Kuziurin, N. Chernova, Elizabeth Komova, Ivan Davydov
cameramanYe. Rizo
musicNikita Bogoslovsky
soundNikolai Prilutsky
script editorArcady Snessarev
voice artistsVladimir Lepko, Ye. Glazneva

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