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9 min. 49 sec.
 This film is about the adventures of three small ruffian penguins. On the motives of the poem of A.Laptev. Penguins Nick, Nack and Nock have constructed a monument in honour of their friendship. But they fought because of the fish. And so they destroyed their monument and have missed the fish.
directed byVladimir Danilevich
written byNikolai Erdman
art directorAnatoly Kuritsyn
animatorsLev Zhdanov, N. Litvinova
cameramanJoseph Golomb
executive producerNathan Bitman
musicRevol Bunin
soundGeorge Martynuk
script editorBoris Voronov
puppets and decorVera Cherkinskaya, Roman Gurov
cutterT. Teplyakova

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