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30 min. 6 sec.
The Film is put on the fairy tale By a wave of the wand. Country guy Emelja is rewarded for the kindness with the gift of execution of desires. After many amusing adventures with the tsar, the szarevna and the general Emelja refuses a post of minister and leaves for the village with his beloved. It is a screen version of Russian national fairy tale.
XI ICF in Karlovi Vari, 1958 - the First premium for the best animation film; VCF in Kiev, 1958 - the First premium in the section of animated films; the State premium of RSFSR named by brothers Vassilyev to the director I. Ivanov-Vano (together with films "Lefthander" and "Seasons").
directed byIvan Ivanov-Vano
directed byMichael Botov
written byNikolai Erdman
art directorPerch Sarkisyan
artistsDmitry Anpilov, I. Kuskova, Olga Ghemmerling, Petr Korobayev, K. Malyshev
animatorsVyacheslav Kotenochkin, Gennady Novozhilov, Boris Butakov, Fedor Khitruk, Elena Khludova, Vladimir Pekar, Boris Dezhkin, Victor Likhachev, Vadim Dolgikh, Lidia Reztsova, Vladimir Krumin, Konstantin Chikin, Roman Kachanov
cameramanMichael Druyan
musicYoury Nikolsky
soundGeorge Martynuk
voice artistsGrigory Shpigel, George Vitsin, Vladimir Guliaev, S. Anikeev, Lev Potiomkin, George Millyar, Maria Babanova, Vera Orlova
cutterA. Firsova

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