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Cannes ICF, 1995 Golden palm branch in nomination of cinema films; IF f the animated films in Anessy, 1995 Prize for the best debut, the prize for the spectators sympathy, Prize of the Nature Minestry of France and The prize for the funniest film; IF of the films-debuts The Youth, Kiev, 1994 the First Prize; ICF The Golden knight, Tiraspol (Moldavia) , 1994 the First Prize; Nicka94 nomination in the category of cartoon films; the third IF of the films in Villa do Conda (Portugal), 1995 the Prize in category of animated films; ICF The message for the man
directed byAlexei Kharitidi
written byAlexei Kharitidi
animatorAlexei Kharitidi
cameramanSergei Reshetnikov
produced byAlexander Tatarsky, Anatoly Prokhorov
soundVladimir Orel
art directorsAlexander Tatarsky, Eduard Nazarov
cutterOlga Vassilenko

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