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30 min. 54 sec.
A careless schoolboy gets in a magic shop where the magician-shop assistant sells to him the magic things which allow achieving of success without effort and without science. The schoolboy became sure that any magic couldn’t replace work and diligence. V IF of films for children and youth in Venice, 1953 - the Diploma.
directed byLeonid Amalrik, Vladimir Polkovnikov
written byVladimir Suteyev
art directorYevgeny Migunov
artistsO. Ghemmerling, N. Gorkina, K. Malyshev
animatorsLidia Reztsova, Faina Yepifanova, Boris Meyerovich, Michael Botov, Tatiana Taranovich, D. Belov, Nadezhda Privalova, Boris Dezhkin, Renata Mirenkova, Fedor Khitruk
cameramanMichael Druyan
musicV. Oransky
soundNikolai Prilutsky
voice artistsS. Rozenblum, Leonid Pirogov, Julia Youlskaya, I. Pototskaya, George Vitsin (the seller) , Anastasia Zuyeva, K. Koreneva
cutterA. Firsova

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