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20 min. 3 sec.
 It is a Russian national fairy tale which tells us how the soldier received for the kindness from the wanderer a wonderful feed bag by means of which he expelled an evil spirit from the palace. Fearlessness and soldiers sharpness are shown in the fairy tale.
directed byZinaida Brumberg, Valentina Brumberg
written byZinovy Kalik, Zinaida Brumberg, Valentina Brumberg
art directorAnatoly Sazonov
artistsYe. Tannenberg, O. Ghemmerling, G. Nevzorova, V. Valerianova
animatorsLamis Bredis, Boris Dezhkin, Valentin Lalayants, N. Mindovskaya, T. Basmanova, D. Belov, B. Titov, Nadezhda Privalova, Gennady Filippov
cameramenNikolai Vohinov, Elena Petrova
executive producerBoris Wolf
musicV. Oransky
soundNikolai Prilutsky
voice artistsV. Gotovtsev, George Millyar, A. Fadeyeva, Michael Yanshin

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