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20 min. 48 sec.
 On the motives of the Arabian fairy tales "1001 night". Sindbad begins a far way trip full of dangers. After many adventures he gets on island where he finds a gold jug. Having learned, that the wizard Gin is grinded in the jug, Sindbad relieves him from his imprisonment and Sindbad receives the ship as a present.
directed byValentina Brumberg, Zinaida Brumberg
written byO. Erberg, Valentina Brumberg, N. Peresvetov, Zinaida Brumberg
art directorLeonid Amalrik
artistsI. Irtenev, V. Rodgero, G. Nevzorova, G. Ter-Gevondyan, Petr Nossov, N. Mindovskaya
animatorsGennady Filippov, Boris Dezhkin, Tatiana Fedorova, Lamis Bredis, Faina Yepifanova
cameramanN. Sokolova
musicYu. Nikolsky, Nikita Bogoslovsky
soundNikolai Prilutsky
voice artistsBoris Livanov, Lev Sverdlin

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