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10 min. 14 sec.
 On the motives of the fantastic story of Sever Gansovsky on an anti-war theme. The Scientist has invented a fantastic weapon to revenge for the lost son and to destroy war, but he himself perishes of his creation.
directed byAnatoly Petrov
written byS. Gonsovsky
art directorGalina Barinova
artistsN. Ivancheva, Elena Karavaeva, I. Kulakova, Elena Bogolubova, Olga Bogolubova
animatorsAnatoly Petrov, Vladimir Zarubin
cameramanMichael Druyan
executive producerLubov Butyrina
soundVladimir Kutuzov
script editorArcady Snessarev
voice artistsS. Martynov, Anatoly Kuznetsov, Oleg Mokshantsev, Vsevolod Yakut, Alexander Beliavsky

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