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53 min. 6 sec.
 It is a modern satirical fairy tale on the motives of Metterlinks play. The part of episodes is executed in photocollage tehchnics by the director and artist N.Kotovshchikova (Golovanova). <;br> Executors: the Moscow state chorus and Children's chorus "The Satellite"; the State symphonic orchestra of cinematography conducting by V.Vasilev. The Boy and the Girl dream that they under orders of the Fairy search for a Blue bird whom the greedy Richman wants to steal with the help of the Cat and Night. Bread, Water and Fire helped the children. When the Boy had woken up he set free a true bird.
directed byVassily Livanov
written byVassily Livanov
art directorsBoris Sadovnikov, Max Zherebchevsky
artistsStanislav Sokolov, L. Chalaya, Z. Zarb, A. Solovjov, D. Anpilov, Ye. Balabanova, S. Kuznetsov, Anna Atamanova
animatorsValentin Kushnerev, Oleg Safronov, Natalia Bogomolova, Violetta Kolesnikova, Boris Butakov, S. Zhutovskaya, Sergei Dezhkin, Kirill Malyantovich, Yana Volskaya, Gennady Sokolsky, Anatoly Abarenov, Youry Kuziurin, Joseph Kuroyan, Youry Butyrin
cameramanMichael Druyan
executive producerLubov' Butyrina
musicGennady Gladkov
soundGeorge Martynuk
script editorArcady Snessarev
voice artistsRina Zelenaya (Grandmother) , Ludmila Gnilova, Vladimir Kenigson, Liya Akhedgakova, Youry Yakovlev (Grandfather)
cutterLidia Kyaksht

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