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18 min. 54 sec.
It is a modern fairy tale about the nasty pupil. The small loafer gets in a fantastic country where he collides with odd images of his own unlearned lessons. On his way he meets a One and a half Nawy from incorrectly solved sum and he also meets every possible absurdities created by his own mistakes.
directed byYoury Prytkov
written byL. Geraskina
art directorA. Volkov
artistsArcady Sher, O. Golenitskaya, Ye. Tannenberg, V. Maximovich, V. Kharitonova
animatorsRenata Mirenkova, Anatoly Solin, Vladimir Arbekov, Igor Podgorsky, Victor Likhachev, Marina Voskaniants, Galina Barinova, Leonid Kayukov, S. Zhutovskaya
cameramanMichael Druyan
executive producerA. Zorina
musicN. Chargeishvili
soundBoris Filchikov
script editorArcady Snessarev
voice artistsS. Kutovskaya, Grigory Shpigel, Maria Vinogradova, Nikolai Litvinov, Alexander Baranov, Clara Rumyanova (Comma) , Alexei Gribov (Verb) , Anastasia Georghiyevskaya (Cow) , Anatoly Papanov (the nawy) , Leonid Kharitonov

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