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9 min. 54 sec.
The film is about the naive Chicken, small Duckling and three playful kittens. It is a screen version of two fairy tales of the writer of V. Suteev in which it is told how to get acquainted with the world when you are just born.
directed byLev Atamanov
written byVladimir Suteyev
art directorsAlexander Beliakov, Maria Rudachenko
animatorsT. Pomerantseva, Yana Volskaya, Vitaly Bobrov, Marina Voskaniants, Elizabeth Komova, Natalia Bogomolova, Galina Zolotovskaya
cameramanMichael Druyan
musicAndrey Babaev
soundNikolai Prilutsky
voice artistsMaria Vinogradova, T. Strogonova, Sergei Tseits

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