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39 min. 18 sec.
 Film is put on same fairy tale of Janny Rodary. In the country where there fruit and vegetables live, severe prince Lemon governs. Chippolino with his friends help inhabitants to get rid of the oppression of the prince, the seigneur Tomato and countesses Cherries.
directed byBoris Dezhkin
written byMstislav Pashchenko
art directorPerch Sarkisyan
artistsV. Valerianova, Konstantin Karpov
animatorsVladimir Krumin, O. Stolbova, Victor Arsentiev, R. Ovivyan, Anatoly Solin, Sergei Dezhkin, Vitaly Bobrov, Konstantin Chikin, Vladimir Karp, Faina Yepifanova, Boris Dezhkin, V. Dolgikh
cameramanElena Petrova
executive producerFedor Ivanov
musicKaren Khachaturyan
soundBoris Filchikov
script editorRaisa Frichinskaya
puppets and decorV. Cherkinskaya
words (poems)Vadim Korostylev

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