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10 min. 36 sec.
 It is a musical film dated for the VI International festival of youth and students. <;br> I ICF in Moscow, 1958 - 2nd premium ON SECTION OF THE ANIMATED FILMS.
directed byMstislav Pashchenko, Dmitry Babichenko, Boris Dezhkin
written byDmitry Babichenko, Mstislav Pashchenko, Boris Dezhkin
art directorsPetr Repkin, Dmitry Babichenko, Boris Dezhkin
animatorsGennady Novozhilov, Vyacheslav Kotenochkin, Boris Dezhkin, D. Belov, Vladimir Pekar
cameramanNikolai Vohinov
musicAlexander Varlamov
soundNikolai Prilutsky
words (poems)Nikolai Dorizo

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