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10 min. 12 sec.
 The film is created on the basis of English national songs, comic verses, fables in S. J. Marshaks well known translations. These miniatures have entered into the film: About boys and girls, Robin Bobin, It cannot be so, Evening conversation, On a visit at the queen, Three wise men.
directed byAndrey Khrzhanovsky
written byAndrey Khrzhanovsky
art directorsYoury Batanin, Natalia Orlova
artistYoury Batanin
animatorsNatalia Barkovskaya, Joseph Kuroyan, Youry Batanin, Alexander Gorlenko, Anatoly Abarenov, Vladimir Palchikov, Elvira Avakiyan
cameramanKabul Rasulov
executive producerLubov Butyrina
musicVladimir Martynov
soundVladimir Kutuzov
script editorRaisa Frichinskaya
voice artistsGeorge Georgiu, L. Korneva, Gotlib Roninson, Petia Degtyarev, Tatiana Reshetnikova, Vladimir Ossenev
cutterLubov Georgiyeva

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